July 2018 Sport Fishing Charter Fishing Report

All I can say is July has been an amazing month for Santa Barbara Sport Fishing Charter. Captain Tony has been having so much fun taking families and friends out on fishing charters. Lot’s of both 1/2 and full day excursions and even more fish.

The weather has been mostly perfect and the winds not too bad. We’ve had folks from all over the county book charters with us and lots of kids joining in the fun. Below are some quick reports and pictures from the fun we’ve been having.

Don’t just look and wish, call me and let’s get you and your gang out on the water having a blast.

Every Day’s A New Day

It was a little off today, the conditions were perfect though. No swell, light breeze, perfect current.  The fish just didn’t want to cooperate. So what did we do, we left and went searching. We found a couple stones holding lingcod and other bottom grabbers. Bottom line, everyone was happy and had some nice fish to take home.

Coastal Perfection

Super flat conditions greeted us this morning on a local half-day session. The fishing as of late has been incredible. Great quantity and variety, keeping everyone busy. Come on out and see for yourself.

Local Quality

Hey beautiful half-day trip, we finished locally and hit some of our favorite spots. The red vermilion rockfish quality is unbelievable right now. I can’t believe the quality of these fish right now. Lots of other bottom grabbers such as ocean whitefish, Blue Bass, Treefish, and Olive Rockfish.

Island Day With Touch Currents… Tenacity Wins

Today we headed out to the Channel Islands to fish a full day Santa Cruz special. We showed up and were greeted with a massive amount of uphill current. This makes fishing very difficult, after getting the lay of the water, we decided to look shallow. This ended up being a great call. We found hungry bottom grabbers taking every offering.  After we loaded the cooler we did lazy cruise along the front side of the island.

No disappointment!!

Today was great fun as we welcome back some folks who’ve fished aboard Rock Steady before.  The morning greeted us with loads of hungry Rockfish.  We finished from the depths of 140 to 190 feet. Excellent quality on Vermilion Rockfish.

Bottom Grabbers Galore!

We fished close to home today while celebrating Nohas’ 10th birthday. Lots of hungry bottom grabbers greeted us early. Even the girls were keeping busy catching quality shallow water Rockfish. A closer look inside shallow produced zero, there’s always next time, maybe one of the happy girl’s birthday.

Easy Does It.

Off we went, flat smooth water. Focusing on shallow water we found the eaters! Taking all offerings. Easy as it goes.

Super Duper!!

Today we set out for Santa Rosa Island, the ocean was grease calm. We loved catching a variety of bottom renters including ocean whitefish, chuckleheads, Blue Bass and other hungry creatures. Then we went out to deeper waters that put us the smack down on some quality lingcod. It was a Super-Duper day.


Today I had the pleasure of fishing a group of parents and their daughter. We headed west looking at some old spots that often produce good fishing; Well that wasn’t the case today. We did manage a handful or two of quality Reds and Chuckles. After getting a feeling this was the place not to be we shot inside and fished the shallows.  Lots of hungry fish were to be had. A great day spent on the water with new friends.

Bottom of the 9th!

Today was a tough day, we hit all the usual half-day spots with no success. After seven stops we decided to hit an old standby, it produced finally! Nice calicoes sand bass and lingcod. These guys earned it today and proved patience is a virtue.

Full Day Coastal

We headed up the line on perfect flat calm conditions with a slight breeze out of the southwest. Once we got the lay of the land we picked a couple deeper spots and went to work. Everybody was bent,  great quality vermilion Rockfish. A fun day spent coastal fishing.

Kansas in the house!!

Awesome fishing along the stunning Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands with plenty of fish willing to take our bait. The conditions were perfect an easy current and light breeze from the west. It’s shaping up to be a phenomenal year.

Easy as it goes!!

Easy as it goes, a leisurely ride across the channel headed towards Santa Rosa Island. We fished deep banging out some quality Rockfish. Then move to the shallows off the West End of Santa Cruz Island where we put together and finish the catch. This is what Island fishing is all about.

Just Fishing!!

Today we set out on a half-day trip, those hungry and aggressive Rockfish are still showing up big time!! Many mid-depth stones produced a wide variety of fish. The beautiful weather was just topping on the cake.

Rockfishing Galore!!

A wonderful group of boys joined me on a local half-day trip, we finished within 4 miles of the harbor, producing great quality Rockfish. The fishing as of late has been outstanding.

West Bound!!

Today we set out for the west, working her way up the line we fished deep water at 300 feet, and the fish were eager! Fantastic fishing for red Vermillion rockfish.

Fantastic Fishing With Old Friends!

Coastal half-day with some wonderful people that fish with me every year. Today we fished shallow looking for different types of hungry bottom feeders. We found Sheepshead, calico bass, Lingcod and many other types of fish. Calm seas, great fishing conditions made for a memorable day.

Getting it done!

Today we set out on a half-day close-in trip with three guys and three boys. It did not take this long until we found some hungry red snapper, whitefish, Rockfish. The oceans were beautiful and the seas were very calm.  The boys were busy,  cranking and Yanking! Lots of smiles today.