Santa Barbara Fishing Report June 2018


It’s been a great month of charter fishing off the coast of Santa Barbara. Guests having fun and fish are biting. This Santa Barbara Fishing Report looks at some of our charters in the second half of the month. Hope to add your group on upcoming trips and reports.

Captain Tony

Fish Report for 6-16-2018

Ezra’s first fishing trip!!

A bright young man greeted me at the dock this morning. His mother joined him for his first fishing trip, under grey skies We made our way out to the fishing grounds. Shallow water is what we targeted, just about every bait got devoured and Ezra had a great first-time deep sea fishing in Santa Barbara

Rock Steady Fish Report for 6-20-2018

Father-Son Time


We changed it up a little today and headed Southeast, The current was pretty slack so it took a while for us to find a stone that produced biters, we quickly filled the box and move on to look for thresher sharks. Those were not cooperating so we trolled our way back to the harbor taking in the sights and cruising with dolphin schools.

Rock Steady Fish Report for 6-21-2018

Hammered Them!

Today we set out for Santa Rosa Island, greeting us was a stiff 15 knot of North West breeze. It didn’t take us long but we put the hammer to them catching quick limits of chuckleheads and lingcod. Back at it tomorrow!

Rock Steady Fish Report for 6-22-2018

Hali Time!

Today we opted to fish the shallows and drift for halibut. We did catch a few but none were keepers until the very end when Annie put a nice one in the box.

Rock Steady Fish Report for 6-23-2018

Bachelor Party!

Joe is on his final weekend before getting married, we set out for a bachelor party fishing extravaganza. Afternoon sessions typically have wind but today we were greeted with calm breezy conditions. Very suitable for putting the hammer down on a variety of rockfish. A time well spent with friends.